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Everyone deserves good health and happiness.

Our goal is to help people achieve both.

Meet Our Therapists


Molly Crow-Gorup

Molly Crow Gorup is an experienced massage therapist who enjoys helping people improve their quality of life through massage. Whether massage is used for relaxation, pain relief, or increased mobility, she believes it's an important part of any health routine. Molly is certified in prenatal massage and also enjoys working with athletes who need focused work on specific areas of the body. She works with many clients who are runners and triathletes with tight IT bands and calf muscles. Molly gives and excellent deep tissue massage but is also able to adjust pressure to make sure clients are getting the massage that is best for them. If you're planning to make massage a part of your self care routine, Molly is happy to help.


Jordan Rayhill

Jordan graduated from the University of Spa and Massage Therapy. Her specialties are neck, back and shoulders. She can perform Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, prenatal, as well as, lymphatic massages. She enjoys focusing on specific areas of the body to progress her clients recovery as much as possible during each session. She has been a massage therapist for 5 years now but enjoys taking cores to learning and growing in her profession.


Vincent Reed

Vincent received his massage license from  USCA  here in Springfield last November. He specializes in deep tissue and focus work. He views the body as a puzzle, pin pointing which muscles are the cause of the problem. He also specializes in therapeutic and relaxation massage. In his free time he enjoys spending time with friends and family, watching movies, reading, playing video games, and is a huge fan of stand up comedy. His goal in the future is to be a business owner. He envisions opening a float center that has sensory deprivation tanks, massage, and sauna.


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